Duro Grip

Motorcycle Tyres
Rear Tyre for 70CC Motorcycle

Customer Benefits

  • For comfortable ride in all season
  • Good performance in wet and dry conditions giving longer life
  • For cool running, less heat buildup & durability

Product Features

  • Specially designed pattern
  • Wide, deep, see-through channels with deep sipes
  • Special recipe for tread / carcass compound

Size Range

Size2.50 17R
Load RangeC
Ply Rating6
Tyre Approx Weight2.00

Max Inflated Dimension

Over All Diameter (mm)568
Over All Width (mm)62


Tube Size2.25 / 2.50 - 17
Valve CodeTR - 4
Approx Weight340 gm


Size/Code1.4" x 17"

Load and Inflation

Max Load (KG)155
Max Pressure (PSI)Follow Bike Manufacturer's Recommendations
Rear Tyre for 70CC Motorcycle
Understanding Tyre